Building Relationships With Your Real Estate Agent

Listing your home for sale with a broker/agent can be challenging. The thought of locking down with a person or company for a period of time can leave a seller a little stressed. Will they actually perform? Why am I committing to this agent? It all starts from the work you do before you sign on the dotted line. Make sure your agent is an experienced real estate representative, backed by a long lasting relationship with your community. From the start, an open, honest expectation of what you are looking for, along with an honest, open explanation from your agent as to what can be accomplished is the foundation of what can be days to months ahead. Once your agent has shown you their experience, or you know of the agent from a referral, s/he can begin to form a relationship that will support the most efficient sale of your home/property. 

Trust can be hard earned, especially if as a consumer you have been disappointed in the past. A good relationship with your agent can mean all the difference in the world as you wade through the steps an experienced professional will take you through. Your agent not only has to communicate on your behalf, but negotiate to get you what you and s/he have established. You will spend a lot of time with your agent. Start to finish, it should be a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

  • Check the agent’s reputation and experience in the community
  • Create a setting for your agent interview that is comfortable and quiet
  • Ask the agent to meet with you with comps in the marketplace
  • Discuss with the agent the terms and conditions of signing an agreement
  • Review some of the stats on successes this realtor can share with you
  • Discuss the marketing strategy
  • Discuss the network of agents, contacts, and expediting the process

If you simply follow this protocol and see no more than one, if it’s a strong referral, to as many as three should you not have anyone referred by a satisfied buyer or seller. We hope that you will be referred to the Fontana Team or put us on your list of trusted agents. See more on The Fontana Team  Follow The Fontana Team on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.