How Much Should Your Realtor Know About Your Market

The Portland market is where we have been for the past three decades and have experienced first hand its growing demand over the last decade, with values of homes growing by just under 9% annually. Your realtor should have a clear understanding of the market and what your home can sell for, and it’s okay to expect more than that. An experienced realtor will be able to share his or her experience with a list of homeowners who have benefitted from the realtor selling their home. Finding a listing agent with experience in selling, buying with the ability to help with renting makes life a lot easier. A good listing agent has buyers looking for homes in your community. Talk about the realtor’s activity with buyers in the market. When selling with knowledge of the market, your realtor will maximize your selling price and know how to best position your property for marketing. Sharing the proper information on demographics, schools, area attractions and transportation will make for a smoother experience. They are there to assist you right up to the closing day.

Sometimes when selling your property, you can make a few revisions, fix-ups that may cost a little, but bring the price of the home up to a more solid value. Your realtor should have the knowledge to estimate what is worth repairing or replacing and where to get it done at the right price and within your budget. Connections with contractors, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, painters, and others that your realtor can call on, usually means you will save time and money.

Before you sign on with a listing agent, make sure of the following:

    1. Experience selling in your market

    2. Knowledge of law and local government

    3. Contacts for work needed

    4. Good customer service

    5. Strength in  marketing

Once you have the list of “must haves”, your realtor must have a compatible style with you. It works every time.Getting along with your realtor for what could be a few minutes or a few months means their personality and style works well with you and other members in your home. Selling your home is a progression of steps that when done properly allow the seller the best possible selling price in the shortest amount of time possible.