Staging Your Home For The Buyer

Most experienced real estate agents can help a seller properly stage a home. The objective is to maximize its features and help the buyer see themselves in the setting you create. Here are some recommendations that could help a seller get the most and move the property faster.

Let There Be  Space

A prospective buyer wants to feel space. That doesn’t mean empty the house, but merely means have the rooms look as large as possible, by eliminating things from  the room that will help create an airy, clean feel for the space.

Take Down The Old Photos

Seeing dozens of your family photos that go back decades will not allow the prospect to see themselves there. A few momentos and family photos should be strategically placed.

Freshen It Up

A good coat of paint where needed can create a clean canvas for a buyer.

Curb Appeal

The welcome mat should be out from the curb to the front door. Curb appeal means take a hard look at your property from every angle and see it the way a buyer will. Is it overgrown, or hiding the best features of the house. Do you need lawn maintenance? 

Pet Preparation

If you have a pet in your home, try to have that pet away from  the house when having a tour, or have the pet out in  the backyard. Make sure there are no pet odors or stains before you show your home.

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