Selecting An Agent To Buy or Sell Your Home or Property

Buying or selling a home with an inexperienced agent can be extremely costly in time and money, but the bittersweet reality is that you are better off not doing it alone. Finding a good agent that can maximize the experience and minimize the time and cost is worth the time it takes upfront to choose the right one. Sitting with no more than three agents before listing your property should not take very long and within the time for a visit, you will be able to determine if it’s a good fit.

Many buyers and sellers spend a great deal of time online and that’s a start and a good way of knowing what your neighborhood comps are and how your property is positioned. An experienced agent that is strong in the marketplace you are buying or selling takes you beyond an internet search. Things that could mean a lot to a seller or buyer may not be found online, especially those that require a real understanding and experience in the market, relationships with a network of agents, and resources that come from real experience in the market. Finally, no matter what the agent tells you about their experience, you have to get along. The personalities should be compatible, as there will be days, weeks, sometimes even months of time together working through the ups and downs. If you think alike and communicate openly and comfortably with your agent, s/he will guide and support the process. And who knows, the next move you make could be with that agent. Lots of people work through selling their home and need to know that the agent they are working with will help them with their next move. An agent that lists and sells, or sells and helps with your next buy should be open about their fees and how you will benefit from working with them.

Here’s your list of questions
What is the experience in the market
What are the comps they provide
What network of agents will s/he have to expedite the transaction
What resources does the agent have to move from listing to closing

Just a few minutes with an agent covering these topics will help you make a better decision and get to know the personality and how that agent thinks.

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