Fix-It Up, Before You Show It Off

Let’s face it, if you are ready to sell your property, the last thing you want to consider is spending money before you sell. However, there are some good fixes that could make a big difference in what you finally achieve with that sale price. No one is saying to re-do the kitchen or baths, but repairing any electrical or plumbing issues in those areas of the house will help you hold that desired price. Buyers will be sure to test your patience as they walk through what was your favorite places to find things like your showerhead falling off, or kitchen faucet dangling in tape. That little thirty-five-dollar showerhead could make or break the buyer’s desire to continue. How’s the roof, the windows, garage doors, and the gutters. Keep in mind, they will all be scrutinized. Buyers are entitled to look at every square inch of what they are buying, so be prepared. Sometimes it may seem overdone, but mostly it’s just something we have to expect when showing a home. Of course, there are “as is” homes but be prepared that once you say “as is” you will be expected to have the value of the home be reduced by what the new owner will have to spend to make it right. With an “as is” you can also expect to take the low end of what the value of your home could really be worth with minor fixes.  Working with your broker upfront, analyzing the things that make sense is of great help. Your broker will know what the estimated costs will be and what to expect in return with those fixes.

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