Show Off Your Home and Invite Them In

The way you share your home in photos and descriptions is the best way to get a solid prospect.  Home photos that show off its best features is important. It’s the buyer’s first impression and it’s important that you make a favorable and honest representation. Take the time to look at each room and capture its best features. A good realtor will help you with this, and more than likely has the experience to show off the best features of the property. If you are doing the description and  photo tour yourself, here are some things to consider:

Description – This is where you can have the buyer see more than your photos. The feeling of the home, the amenities it provides, the neighborhood and schools, shopping, and all the things that you love about the area.  

Lighting – the brighter the better – to look cleaner and larger

Stage First – Do  the staging of the home  first  to ensure it’s at its best

Make your home available for viewing.  The more times,  the easier it will be to sell.

Like anything else, it’s a numbers game, so keep the home staged, picked up and ready to show as often as possible. Your broker will be marketing your property, so when prospects are ready to tour,  you should be ready to welcome them. It doesn’t have to be at random times and at everyone else’s convenience. Talk to your broker and allow for set times that will work for you and for buyers. Your agent does not have to be there for every show, but by working with your agent you can determine what’s best for all. And finally, ask that your prospects call ahead,  even with that set schedule,  so you and your home can be ready for a showing.

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