Building A Real Estate Selling Strategy

Selling a home takes more than  hanging a shingle, but it doesn’t have to  be a nightmare when you work with the proper real estate agent. Your real estate agent can’t do it alone. It’s  a partnership that requires a strategic plan. Once your agent has presented the full picture on the property’s comps in the market, together you should build a strategy that takes  you to achieving the best selling price possible,  and equally important is in the fastest time possible. There are lots of ways you and  your agent can move through the process as pleasantly as possible. In order to do a better comp, the details of your property all should be considered. Beds, baths and square footage is just part of it. If you recently roofed, added a new furnace, or made considerable improvements that can take an older house and give it new life and better value. When you compare pricing, you always need to look at what sold recently, not what is currently being listed in your market. Remember, there may be a difference in the listing price and the selling price, sometimes it’s sold for less and sometimes buyers will offer up when the housing is limited. Today, in Portland there are more buyers than sellers, so listing now could get you a great price. When we go back over the last decade, Portland real estate has been increasing in value, year over. Have a look at the comps before you sign on the dotted line with an agent, then work together to build a strategy that will move it as quickly as possible. If you want to learn more about Fontana Team and what we do for our clients, please visit

Know What The  Market Will Bear

Doing comps is the first step, along with making any recommendations on repairs or spruce ups that will increase the  selling price. Your agent should guide you to do only the things necessary to get the return on the investment.

Curb Appeal

Stand at the edge of your  property and take a good hard look. Sometimes, it’s  as simple as a good trimming of the shrubs, a fresh coat of  paint at the entrance, even something as simple as a new welcome mat and flower pot at the front door. Something

Fix It Up,  Spruce It Up

Deciding what to change, repair, or refresh is something your agent can help you evaluate. A fresh coat of paint inside  can automatically increase a home’s value. Even apartments that look clean and fresh can get as much as 10% more a month, just by a coat of fresh paint. There are other things that will make a buyer  shy away. Just make sure you go over what you can do and only do what will enhance the sale price of the property.


Here’s the one simple thing you can do with the help of a staging professional, or your agent, if s/he has the experience. Rooms look better with less  in them. Declutter, and remove all  but a few photos and refrigerator art.

Be  Social

Social media is the least expensive and most effective  method of marketing. Take the information that you put together and post, post,post…share,share,share! If  at all possible,  write a few messages  around some of the photos with your agent and  get an  update out as often as possible.

Love Your Agent

Choosing an agent is really your first and most important step when looking to sell or buy a home. We know that this is probably one of the most important and valuable assets you will own over your lifetime. Taking the time to find a well respected member of the community who will serve your objectives is key.

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