Now Is the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

Let me preface this headline and say that whenever you are ready is the best time to sell your home. However, since COVID 19 home listings have not increased enough to meet the demand, driving the price of homes up, making this the best time in decades to sell a  home. Last Spring, home sales dropped to its lowest since the financial crisis of 2007. Until the market started to spin back and solutions to the social distancing and sensible behavior was in place, homeowners were concerned about having strangers in their homes. Today,  all the safety measures are in hand to ensure the seller that every measure is now in place to minimize exposure. New listings this year are only slightly higher than what we were experiencing in the Spring and Summer of last year, creating an opportunity for sellers to list and achieve the best price possible. Agents are seeing that despite the shortage, buyers are aggressively looking for single family homes in the Portland market, as seen throughout the Country, as in suburbs in states like New York, California and Michigan where there are high density neighborhoods. We are seeing buyers coming from the city to the suburbs by the thousands. Another consideration is that if you owned your home for over a decade in the Portland market, it more than likely appreciated by over 75%.

Work with the right agent that will make the journey pleasant and productive. Here’s what we do at Fontana Team for our clients:


Develop a selling strategy

Know the market comps and make sure you are at the right price

Review the necessary repairs/replacements

Help with staging and decluttering your home to maximize its value inside and out

Making sure your listing shows off your home in  photos and description

Create opportunities  for regular showings

Find out. more on selling your home with the right broker/agent by going to

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