Time To Sell

Hi, I’m Emilio Fontana of the Fontana Team.

If you are ready to sell your home, I want to be your broker. Let’s talk about the whether it’s the best time to sell your home. Quite honestly, whenever you are truly ready is the best time. However, the situation with COVID 19 has many buyers choosing from just a handful of homes, which has driven the pricing to an all time high in 2020. As a. matter of fact,  if you. own a home that was purchased ten years ago, the sale price should be up. at least 75% higher. Keep in mind that prices in. Portland dropped slightly in fourth quarter of 2020, which may be an indication that we may now have reached our high. Considering selling. takes more than. hanging a shingle. At Fontana Team we. time to formulate a strategy that starts with a strong understanding of. the. market and how. to get the best price and best show the property. Our population of buyers range from. folks looking for a single. family home, to investors that want property to build workforce housing in the. Portland market.  When you look at the median sale price of a single family home in 2012 of $272,000 to 2020 hitting an all-time high of $478,000,  we know the time is right, if that is where you are headed. And don’t forget. about. where you are headed next.  Make sure it all makes sense.  From listing to closing,  we’ll create a marketing plan, be a team to help through the staging right to. closing. I’m Emilio. Fontana of.  Fontana Team and I want to be your broker. Read more on the best time to. sell and find out more about. the Fontana Team at FontanaTeamBlogs.com. We’re Portland’s choice for property selling or buying for over twenty five years.

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